Area Lighting

     Flagpoles, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of aluminum area lighting standards. These include all standard types of floodlighting poles as well as many designs involving unique and custom outdoor ornamental lighting applications.

     The versatility of aluminum allows architects, engineers and design professionals to use these poles for a wide range of commercial, residential and municipal applications. The durability and strength of aluminum, along with its lightweight, maintenance-free construction, helps keep installation time to a minimum and reduces shipping costs.

     Flagpoles, Incorporated, with its unique manufacturing equipment, can produce all of these aluminum lighting standards in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that provides maximum visibility and/or security while also complementing any landscape.

     Designer Series Lighting Standards complemented with the appropriate luminaire allows the designer to recreate an historic restoration or period lighting theme to enhance residential, commercial, and recreational developments. Designer Series Lighting Standards feature spun tapered poles with deep flutes and spirals to accent your architectural theme and accompanying surroundings.

     A wide range of attractive and durable finishes in standard or custom colors as well as specific requirements as to gloss or texture of finish are available that will allow the lighting standard to maintain its lasting beauty.

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