Mechanically Rotary Sanded (Satin Brushed):

An industry standard for all types of lighting poles in which the pole shafts are rotated and sanded (brushed) to standard (or your) surface texture specifications.


Polyester Powder Coating

Poles are first chemically washed and then a polyester powder coated finish is electrostatically applied in a controlled environment and then cured in an oven producing a superior and long lasting painted finish.

Standard Colors:
Dark Bronze
Custom Colors:
Available upon request

Liquid Paint

Industry standard baked enamel and 2-part epoxy systems available.

Color Anodized:

An electro chemical process that produces an extremely hard oxide coating that becomes part of the metal itself offering a high degree of performance.

Available in:

                                        Light Bronze Anodized
                                        Clear Anodized
                                        Medium Bronze Anodized
                                        Black Anodized
                                        Dark Bronze Anodized


Flagpoles, Inc. reserves the right to change any or all of the preceding specifications without prior notice when deemed necessary in the interest of improving its products.

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